10 Examples Of Desperate Companies Trying To Sell Their Product With Evil Marketing Tactics


Ads are everywhere- social media, websites, hoardings, television, stores, newspapers, magazine, youtube, etc. Nowadays, people cannot live ad-free for a single day as they have become omnipresent. We have become so used to them that we don’t even realize that they are a part of our daily lives now.

These days, many ads are created by using false marketing techniques which has resulted in the loss of consumer trust worldwide. Often the advertising companies stoop so low to sell their products that they use filthy tricks and schemes. Some of these false marketing techniques are used to manipulate customers and are super annoying. Scroll below to see some of those evil techniques that marketers use to con their customers, and judge yourself!

#1 Advertise Free WiFi But Make Sure The Customers Know The Procedure For How To Pay For It

Image source: mauricewilliams455

#2 How To Disappoint Every Student On Campus

Image source: sharkyboi

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#3 This Website Hilariously Just Stretches The Pixels To Turn Regular Clothing Into “Maternity” Clothing

Image source: LurkeyMcLurkersen

#4 Is That Really Free Delivery?

Image source: theskyopened

#5 This Vending Machine Is 100% Sold Out. It Only Tells You That Items Are Sold Out After You’ve Put Money In/Used Your Card

Image source: Digiboy62

#6 Trashy Company

Image source: mkbhd

#7 Man, That’s Really Cheap… Oh

Image source: LuMo096

#8 Packaging For These Markers

Image source: Chev_350

#9 Was Wondering Why It Ran Out So Quickly

This Packaging. Was Wondering Why It Ran Out So Quickly

Image source: GreenCupcake23

#10 I Have An Ad In My Fortune Cookie

Image source: Full_Metal_Machinist