10+ Times Cats Hilariously Messed Up But Got Away It Because They’re Cute

Published on May 29, 2021

Cats love to make a mess of things. 

And that is understandable. They are just like babies and we all know how much kids love to destroy everything. So we can’t really get angry at them because we all know what we are getting into when we get a cat. Also at the end of the day, who could stay mad when they are so adorable.

Their little meows can melt even the coldest of hearts after all. That is why today we are taking a look at some cats who messed up if I am putting it lightly. From completely tearing up the curtains to breaking your prized possession. However, they got away with it because….cats.

I am sure anyone with a cat can relate to this so scroll on below and take a look.

#1 She looks a little stuck there, she might need some help.


#2  ‘Why is the world upside down?’

#3 ‘We don’t know what happened.’


#4 When you try to steal a piece of ham but get into a pickle.

#5 ‘The Christmas tree looked a bit crooked so I fixed it.’

#6 No more cooking for you! Starve for all she cares.


#7 ‘It suddenly fell over by itself.’

#8 ‘This is how you do it right?’

#9 She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.


These things can happen all the time. You just see a priceless thing heading for a fall so you run over to stop it. But at the end of the day, you just end up looking even more guilty. I mean just look at that face, does she look like she had done anything wrong in her whole life?

#10 Who needs to open the doors when you can do this?

#11 ‘I might need a little help here hooman.’

#12 Just trying to unwrap my present.


#13 The place probably needed a bit more of a grunge aesthetic anyway.

#14 ‘Is this how you eat food?’

#15 ‘Stop buying so much toilet paper!’


#16 I wonder who was walking on the shelf.

It seems the cat just got tired waiting for the pie. Or perhaps she thought the top part of the pie needed more personality rather than being the boring old pie with no design. I have to say that paw print brings a certain uniqueness to the pie.

#17 When you are out of snacks in quarantine.

#18 ‘I’m supposed to rip up the toy right?’


#19 When you’re trying to keep yourself cool in the summer.

#20 ‘You should return this carpet hooman, It’s damaged.’

#21 ‘Well, What do I do now?’


#22 ‘This is my new home.’

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