15 Signs That Are So Full Of Impeccable Irony


Accidental humor is always the funniest. Sometimes, you mean to say a thing but slip your tongue and say something else. But your blunder makes a good joke for everyone. That’s it. Not all mistakes are embarrassing. Sometimes, they can be ludicrous and ironic that people can’t help but facepalm and cry-laugh. Have you ever spotted something accidentally so funny that it makes you burst out laughing in tears? Well, if you haven’t, we’ve already got something to show you right here.

As we all know, marketing needs to be directive and sensible so that the intended target will easily get impressed. However, following the old way is not always the best option because it has nothing unique. And you know, uniqueness makes specialty. Sometimes, an unexpected mistake can make the whole thing different. Not following the purpose but the effect it brings is wayyy better. Take a look at these signs below. The messages they convey are “supported” beautifully by the circumstances, creating a neat irony that people can hardly forget.

#1 Yes I do…

Source: Reddit

#2 Guess it’s not so holy then

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Responsive horizontal 2

#3 You don’t say

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#4 How kind of them

Source: Jordy_fuego

#5 Absolute freedom

Source: cherishthechill

#6 Avoid this aisle at all cost

Source: mwgreen00

#7 Maybe they should work more

Source: nomaddd79

#8 Dream job

Source: OMGLMAOWTF_com

#9 Except…

Source: ledgendary

#10 If only they could have seen it coming

Source: benjymonkers

#11 I feel like there are at least two

Source: piles_petko

#12 One of these is not like the others…

Source: redkatt69

#13 Truly ironic

Source: AllAroundGamerTM

#14 No, not really a joy

Source: margaritina

#15 They can’t even clean their own sign

Source: radiofan122