17 Hilarious Times People Ordered Something Online But It Wasn’t What They Received


What you see on your screen may not necessarily be what you receive at your doorstep. Online purchasing is becoming increasingly popular, with e-commerce sales in the United States expected to reach $870 billion by 2021. That’s a whopping 50.5 percent increase over 2019 and a 14.2 percent increase over 2020. However, when retail sales shift to the digital realm, there’s a greater chance of being conned.

Shopping online is enjoyable, simple, and consequently addictive. Being one click away from a plethora of pleasures is certainly appealing, but let’s face it, we’re no longer children.
How many times have you urged yourself to read the descriptions, to never dismiss a nagging suspicion if the things appear to be too good to be true, and to ponder before adding something to your cart? Because, let’s face it, that $5 prom dress made you look like a herring under a fur coat, and thank goodness you got rid of that awful photo, because you wouldn’t have survived seeing it again.

We’ve all been in that situation. Okay, I’ve done it. I promised myself that I would not trip on the same rake twice, but those online bargains have gotten the best of me. But that doesn’t make it okay to be dissatisfied when you open your freshly arrived package. And there is something that can be done about it.
To begin, always verify the return policy on any website before making a purchase. Make sure you can return the item if you don’t like it; regrettably, not all online stores allow this.

The other piece of advice is to always buy from reputable websites. Check for past reviews, a friendly customer care personnel, and contact information in case something goes wrong.
Finally, the relevance of the description should never be underestimated. I know it’s tedious, but god is in the details when it comes to online buying. And in the first paragraph’s brackets, you’ll find the real size of that fantastic chair you’ve been hunting for for a long time.

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#1 I ordered the wind waker on ebay and the description said it was missing the original case. this is what arrived in the mail

#2 I ordered shoes to wear at my wedding next month and was so excited to try them on. Until i opened the box

#3 We ordered a grill. We got 300 iPads

#4 I bought a PS2 on eBay. Something seems a little off

#5 The shirt I ordered vs. the shirt I received

#6 The rolling stoner – thanks, Amazon

#7 I’m highly disappointed with the cake I got

#8 Wife ordered a fake predator lawn deterrent

#9 Ordered a new chlorinator for the pool, the instructions came on vhs

#10 I ordered a ben 10 action figure and i got a used baby sock instead

#11 I ordered shoes to wear at my wedding next month and was so excited to try them on. until i opened the box

#12 Ordered one Brussel sprout instead of 1 kg. need to cut it into four to go round

#13 Ordered eight extra large shirts. Received eight 8xl shirts

#14 The mask I ordered (left) vs. the mask I got (right)

#15 I still got compliments on it tho but mostly gave people the creeps

#16 Friend of mine ordered a bamboo online, today it arrived in all its glory

#17 My 1200 page loose-leaf book arrived a little more loose than I was expecting