18 Pathetic But Hilarious Latte Art Fails That Can Shock Any Baristas


Everyone is losing their mind for a pretty, foamy cup of coffee, especially when you can Instagram it and slowly sip it while resting in a comfy armchair. Latte art is like the prom queen of images featuring social networks. It is irresistible or overcome. But what happens when said latte art takes a turn for the worse?

When done well, latte art can be beautiful for a fleeting moment. If done poorly, however, it is a sad thing they may ruin steamed milk and espresso forever. Besides, latte art is a hard skill set to master. Many amateurs’ attempts are epic fails but they did learn a few things from the mess. Anyway, passionate latte lovers can always have endless fun with latte art no matter if they suck so much.
Who says only good cups of well-made latte are allowed to shine in cyberspace? Let’s look at these “masterpieces” and perhaps make a better one for yourself to enjoy!

#1. My first latte art and I can’t even share it on social media. It looks too… suggestive

Source: u/animatedrouge2

#2. Homemade latte. It’s the inside that counts

Source: jorisvoorn

Responsive horizontal 2

#3. An Abstract Latte Art

Source: milk.doodler

#4. Barista in the making

Source: hishamsupandi

#5. New Seahorse Vendetta

Source: taghavii._

#6. When you wanted to draw a boat … but you ended up with ET…

Source: @agarojewska

#7. Waking up is a “middle finger” in your cup. Thanks, universe.

Source: innnstagraham

#8. Morning Wolfpack! Another failed latte art. Home quarantined with Covid. Looks like we got a nice boost. Keep holding as we grow.

Source: @u/Turki

#9. Just let it happen…

Source: @akson_adam/Twitter

#10. Cute cat but…

Source: @Kawfeecat/Twitter

#11. The face you make when you fail another latte art attempt

Source: @u/absolutelysurreal

#12. Come on guys. Let’s be mature.

Source: @zippybear2/Twitter

#13. Come on guys. Let’s be mature.

Source: @zippybear2/Twitter

#14. So apparently I regress to a 13 year old boy when my latte art fails half way through a heart

Source: @u/gethighbeforyoudie

#15. My latte art fail that turned out looking like an embryo

Source: @u/cassidilla_

#16. Lord Stow’s and my failed attempt at latte art 😅

Source: @u/arcloarclo

#17. Such wow… dragon? Latte art fails. What are some of your tips? I have steamer set to 273 on a synchronika and pressure hovers at2.25

Source: @u/WhatsUrAlternative

#18. Monday art attempt failed. Latte angry.

Source: @u/rktcyntst

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