19 Cats All Cozied Up Inside Boxes

Published on May 22, 2021

1. The doctor is in and ready to psychoanalyze you.

Image Credit: sofie1111 via Instagram

2. These two look like they’re up to something.

Image Credit: chonkychowzy via Instagram

3. Even cats love a good beauty haul unboxing.

Image Credit: yuan2598 via Instagram

4. Someone’s a little too big for this box!

Image Credit: theadventuresofpablo_ via Instagram

5. “This is my box. Find your own!”

Image Credit: eeesthergram via Instagram

6. Another case of the box being too small!

Image Credit: baby_sween via Instagram

7. When you want your human to close the lid and leave you alone.

Image Credit: elprofesordedanza via Instagram

8. “Help! I’m stuck!”

Image Credit: bongdal_moon via Instagram

9. This box could not be more accurate.

Image Credit: milamarukovutalis via Instagram

10. When you’re stuck in a cone, it’s comforting to be inside your favorite box.

Image Credit: sophiegroussin via Instagram

11. David’s Bridal shoeboxes really hit the spot!

Image Credit: kingofcatnip via Instagram

12. “Oh…hi.”

Image Credit: squidys_tail via Instagram

13. This is the picture of pure bliss!

Image Credit: via Instagram

14. “Leggo my Eggo, please.”

Image Credit: marialeumana via Instagram

15. This is almost like box bunk beds!

Image Credit: lady_nymeria_siberiancats via Instagram

16. Nap time!

Image Credit: ginger_ninja_zyggi via Instagram

17. “Oh yeah, this position is everything.”

Image Credit: zoey_from_west_philly via Instagram

18. If we fits, we sits!

Image Credit: tundenna via Instagram

19. Technically, this isn’t even a box, it’s a lid! Cozy, though.

Image Credit: z.e.v.a.z via Instagram