19 Photos That Prove Pets Really Can Sleep Anywhere

Published on May 24, 2021
Image Credit: @tea_314 / Twitter

It’s true, some animals really can fall asleep anywhere.

1. Just be you, there’s no shaming here.

Image Credit: @dudu2358 / Twitter

2. Rude!

Image Credit: @yyYW6xY3vqXJDl7 / Twitter

3. “I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes.” #disconap

Image Credit: @pokohamu / Twitter

4. Your guess is as good as ours! 🤷

Image Credit: @wktkeveryday / Twitter

5. dog.exe has stopped working. Would you like to reboot?

have you tried turning it off and on again
Image Credit: @kororu1119 / Twitter

6. Because even snakes like to napssssss.

Image Credit: @RP_ktyn / Twitter

7. Do birds dream of electric sheep?

Image Credit: @Laito128 / Twitter

8. “The car is on its side in the front yard? No, I have no idea how it ended up like that.”

Please tell me why my car is in the front yard
Image Credit: @ao_taliesin / Twitter

9. Falling asleep is a one-step process for these cuddlebugs.

Image Credit: @soratobu_tyappi / Twitter

10. That CAN’T be comfy.

Image Credit: @rei_shadow / Twitter

11. What is even happening here?!?

Image Credit: @katyou_torisan / Twitter

12. “Pillow? I don’t need no stinking pillow.”

Image Credit: @muscle_4609 / Twitter

13. “I can has right angle?” — this half-cat, half-lemur

Image Credit: Instagram

14. Sometimes you’re just too damn tired to take the makeup off before you go to bed.

Image Credit: @H8XXYD3NvUbAFuf / Twitter

15. “If I craps, I naps” #ewww

Image Credit: @N0N0_dmst / Twitter

16. Float on, little turtle, float on.

Image Credit: @mzlrs3939 / Twitter

17. Note: Device will purr when charge is complete. #myeyeshurtjustlookingatthis

Image Credit: @y_hattori1108 / Twitter

18. “As good a place as any” — this sleepy cutie pie

Image Credit: @IneseRogovska / Twitter

19. “I’m not a cat, I’m a pretzel.”

Image Credit: @sucyanco / Twitter

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