20 Architecture That Failed So Badly They Got Shamed Hard On Facebook


Good taste does not come from a tree. It takes years for a child to mature correctly. Brick by brick, bit by bit. Unfortunately, some architects begin designing structures without first resolving all of these issues. Meanwhile, some push the boundaries of good taste, thereby dragging the project’s aesthetics off the cliff. The ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ Facebook page, which gently mocks Really Bad Decisions, collects the worst instances of architectural designs.

Scroll down to see the best and worst examples of architectural insanity, and don’t forget to tell us in the comments whether there are any buildings on this list that you’d grant a presidential pardon to.

#1 Stop calling these “phallic-shaped architecture.” save your breath. it’s a buildo

The Facebook group ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’ has exploded in popularity. It had 64.1k members just over a year ago. It now has more than ten times that number, with 644.8k members. It merely goes to demonstrate that founder Matthew Brühn’s idea has been realized to its full potential. And the stuff that’s shared strikes a chord with a large number of people all around the world.
However, just because a house doesn’t look fantastic and elicits a ‘yuck!’ reaction doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to write offensive remarks beneath the photographs. That has been causing some issues in the Facebook group.

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#2 I found it! the house I always drew as a kid. i knew it existed

#3 The white picket fence kinda throws me off…

The biggest concern for the Facebook group is that the social media platform flags remarks that are clearly not threatening but could be construed as such. When it comes to a house, saying ‘burn it down’ isn’t useful. So much so that the group’s leadership team had to institute extremely severe commenting guidelines. (It also reveals a lot about Facebook’s sense of humour.) In brief, comments must be extremely courteous, with no swearwords permitted for the time being. This is crucial to the group’s long-term survival.
According to Ariane, the editor of ‘These Three Rooms,’ there is no universally acknowledged description of a ‘ideal’ home. The only thing you can hope for is a home that is ideal for you.

So, if you happen to see a house on this list that you like, ignore the critics. When you can live in a house that looks like a boat or has a golf course on the interior, why needs friends? In any case, societal approbation is overstated.


“That said, the dream home is one that operates flawlessly in terms of everything running correctly and has a great design aesthetic,” she added, adding that there must be a fair balance of usefulness and beauty. You can’t help but be happy when you have both.
We were curious as to what new homeowners may do to make their new home or apartment feel like theirs, especially if they purchased a property with a dreadful interior.

#5 I could never shame this, i just wanted to share my local community hall/coffee shop/theatre (Findhorn, Scotland)

#6 Sir, show me stairs designed by architects who hate drunks

#7 I can finally contribute. Two houses got married

#8 Of course this is in Los Angeles. Of course it is

#9 Spotted from the train! This is a house in Ghent, Belgium. The cage was clearly inspired by the surrealist painter René Magritte

#10 Modern A-Frame cabin in Bedford Hills, NY

#11 Never piss off your architect

#12 Personally, I think this building is a work of art

It’s in the uptown part of Grand Rapids, MI, known as Eastown, which was once a big hippie haven and stomping ground for many interesting and creative transient folks.

“Strip any horrible wallpaper, take up any awful carpet, and start again,” Ariane said regarding redecorating. I prefer neutral decor with white or cream walls and wood flooring, although I understand that this isn’t for everyone.”
“Create a mood board with furnishings you like,” she continued. Choose a maximum of four colors per room, paste them on the board, and see if they all match. Everyone has their own distinct sense of style; the main thing is that you enjoy the interior design of your home. Don’t be concerned about what other people think.” To put it another way, don’t sacrifice your own sense of taste to suit others.

#13 Personally I like the way it looks but feel it belongs in this group

We were curious what future homeowners might do if they want to find a suitable location to live without breaking the bank, given the current state of property and rent pricing.
“If you’re having trouble finding a home within your budget, consider Help to Buy programmes if you’re a first-time buyer, or shared ownership plans if you’re not.” Alternatively, consider reducing or searching in various areas,” Ariane from ‘These Three Rooms’ told Bored Panda.

#14 Crooked home in Detroit

#15 Idk what the house looks like, but this room makes me hyperventilate

#16 Looks like something from the Multiverse of Madness

#17 Mike, I take your tea pot gas station and I raise you a “last remaining shell station”

#18 I just couldn’t resist this when I saw it on my friends newsfeed yesterday – Australia

#19 I mean, I kind of like it

#20 Truly a wonder of the world