20 Funny Home Designs That Need To Be Shared With The World


Your house is your own castle, which means that you can do whatever with it. You may want it to look unique or something, so you add a bunch of new furniture and design every corner of your house. Yet, if you are not very confident with your design talent, you should go to some professional designers. Otherwise, your home decorating project might be shamed by others on the internet one day.

In fact, there is a Subreddit dedicated to sharing pics of funny and terrible home designs that people came across out there. We have collected 20 of the best ones in the list below. Whatever, we can admit that human imagination is endless. But sometimes, just do not let it go too far.

#1 Architecture in Slovakia

Source: mirakdva

#2 At least the car will slide away

Source: frank_-_horrigan

Responsive horizontal 2

#3 Imagine sitting down and a 600-pound washing machine falls into you

Source: frank_-_horrigan

#4 You can watch over your domain

Source: hardlowcore

#5 Poop?

Source: Zombait

#6 WTH?

Source: xMPIx

#7 Pleather cabinets

Source: yolojolo

#8 The toilet is diagonal and partially installed into the carpeted wall

Source: particlegun

#9 Haircase

Source: I_Am_None_Ya

#10 Stairway to heaven

Source: Jazzygorillia

#11 This can’t be real

Source: tommy116165

#12 There is no mirror in the middle, it’s a completely symmetrical bathroom that 2 people can use the toilet in at the same time

Source: msheets75

#13 Six feet above the ground and no stairs to get to that closet

Source: RussiannTaco

#14 Why?

Source: I_Am_None_Ya

#15 That’s honestly creepy

Source: -FaZe-

#16 Multitasking space

Source: SkyeAuroline

#17 Someone had one job

Source: hardlowcore

#18 Have no idea why

Source: oioliv

#19 Ignore the curb

Source: I_Am_None_Ya

#20 Imagine being drunk

Source: meh817