20 Hideous Buildings Shamed For Their Design on ‘That’s in, I’m Architecture Shaming’ Facebook Group


When it comes to designing buildings, that’s an architect’s thing and we just don’t bother to think of it, because we don’t have what it takes to make sure everything is done in the right way. And man, they really manage to come up with some designs that honestly blow your mind. Unfortunately, not today. Today we’re going to see the opposite of that, that kind of buildings that we would’ve done a way better job if we would’ve designed them.

There’s a whole Facebook group, called  ‘That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming’, that stays true to its name and shames some architects who didn’t bother to go that extra mile to get things done right. This group counts 68.4k  members, and they are all about shaming bad architecture and sometimes appreciate weird or interesting ones.

Below we have made a collection on pictures which will really make you wonder what’s wrong of people to invest in buildings like that. Scroll down to check them out.

1. I can smell the mold from the photo. 

Meagan Lekas

2. This structure in my town seems to have seen something shocking.

3. Window budget got used elsewhere evidently

Kyle A Black

4. Feast your eyes on this McMansion beast. Complete with roof nub quartet, stupid turret, and parasitic garage.

John Reynolds

5. Found on a lunchtime walk. 

6. I never realized how important it is for the roof to hang over a little bit.

Judy Schwager

7. Can we all just take a moment and acknowledge that Prince produced some great music, but he lived in a water treatment station 

Joshua Filet Mignon McCorkindale

8. Someone forgot the top half of this Dairy Queen lmao

Matthew Brühn

9. I dunno, slim doesn’t seem to be digging this situation 



Shay Luna Marley