20 Humorous Women Who Deserve A Round Of Applause For Making Their Partners Love Them More


It’s true to say that humor is one of the necessary things to keep a relationship alive. Humor is a wonderful thing that can completely change the atmosphere of a room. It improves your mood, broadens your perspective on life, and lifts other people up with you. In relationships, that kind of power in a straightforward, genuine action is crucial. However, the longer a couple is together, the more their sense of humor wanes. Don’t let that happen to your love life!

You find that your relationship is getting cold? It’s time when it needs spicing up. You can share funny stories with your partner. Or you can prepare something special for your partner. If you have no idea, take these humorous wives and girlfriends in the list below, for example. They have made their relationships sweeter and made their partners love them more. Scroll down to check them out. And we hope that they’ll inspire you in some way.

#1. Well, it worked!

Source: bishilarious

#2. My wife sent me this picture while I was at work to tell me my jacket was depressed

Source: maxbrickem

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#3. When I first told my wife I loved her, she replied with “That’s dangerous”. When we married a year ago she snuck this inscription into my ring

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#4. My girlfriend proposed to me today

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#5. Clever comeback! I’m impressed!

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#6. Yes, this is actually how I told my husband we were pregnant again

Source: wavesandlilacs

#7. Wife is breastfeeding and I’m in bed…

Source: jonathan-dough

#8. My friend’s birthday gift to her husband: a fantastic painting of their Derperman Pinscher

Source: jread

#9. My wife hid this in our backyard and waited days for me to discover it

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#10. True partnership

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#11. My son was born today! I am away, but my wife sent me this. I am BEYOND excited!!

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#12. Some wives be all sexy and I be like…

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#13. Gf proposed that I should take a pic of her in the bath today. Not what I expected, but turned out pretty cool anyway

Source: Grothorious

#14. Working in the leather shop at night and I hear a noise at the window… my wife

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#15. Wife modified a 5yo birthday card for my brother’s 35th

Source: luke_and_coley

#16. My mom made this for my dad because he’s going to Vegas this weekend without her

Source: thegip03

#17. The Valentine’s Day card I bought for my husband

Source: shallywally

#18. My wife took this unflattering photo while I was cleaning the living room

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#19. Girlfriend’s idea of a theme for my 25th

Source: rockinbobdole

#20. Friend had a vasectomy and this is the cake that his wife made for him

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