20 Of The Best And Funniest Tweets Of This Week That Are Sure To Make You Smile


It’s summer, and it’s VERY HOT outside. Although I’m not sure about where you are located, the weather where I live is oppressively muggy outside. I enter the outdoors in two steps and immediately begin to perspire heavily. And some regions are even hotter. But you know what? You can simply spend the entire day indoors reading funny tweets. That’s totally OK. You can do whatever you want.

You love tweets. You hate tweets. You indifferently scroll through tweets at one in the morning when sleep just won’t come. It’s quite normal because it happens to every one of us. Additionally, there are many interesting and amusing things that are bound to crack us up; therefore, it’s obvious that we can spend the entire day in our comfortable beds scrolling down for the new tweets on Twitter. This is not only the best way to escape from the heat wave but also lit up your mood. Below are 30 of the best tweets of the week. Go ahead and enjoy them, safely inside and away from the heat.


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