20 People Who Ordered Food And Were Shocked With The Results


Nowadays, ordering food online is so easy. With just a smartphone and a few clicks, you have delicious food already. You don’t need to change clothes or step outside in bad weather anymore because the food delivery service will bring your food to your door. It’s convenient, isn’t it?

However, the only problem is that the food is not always as described. You say you want a 12-inch pizza but when you receive it, it’s only 9 inches. Another example is you’ve carefully ordered a plate of carbonara at a 5-star uber-rated restaurant, and what you get is so awful that you don’t want to eat anymore. There are a lot of similar cases you will see below. Scroll down and empathize with those less fortunate. If you have ever received such lousy online food, share your story with us, and we will comfort you.

#1. Ordered ceased salad for $15 from one of the local restaurants.

Source: ThisssBabe

#2. “The Chicken Sandwich I got from Mr. Beast Burger today.”

Source: Kingsavage07

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#3. $15 “grilled” veggie sub

Source: EmilyKills

#4. “I ordered carbonara from a ‘5-star Uber restaurant.”

Source: Skoldaed

#5. “Deep Dish Pizza I ordered. It was NOT cheap.”

Source: Jeloz

#6. $59 worth of BBQ


#7. “This pizza we ordered at a restaurant in Altoona, PA.”

Source: ImMelissaning

#8. “Chicken sandwich” I ordered from a Dairy Queen in a small town. Not at all what I was expecting!”

Source: corakeet

#9. “What I ordered vs what they sent me.”

Source: TheeGrassmonster

#10. “I want to thank Taco Bell for saving the best part of the tomatoes for my taco specifically.”

Source: PolymerPussies

#11. “This “Caesar Salad” I ordered from Chili’s.”

Source: NPC8705

#12. “What I ordered (Top) v What I got (bottom) Thanks Applebee’s”

Source: CrookedRocket

#13. “My girlfriend ordered a tomato salad at a restaurant”

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#14. “Ordered crispy spicy salmon at a sushi restaurant and got spicy salmon on Pringles chips”

Source: webernation

#15. “I ordered Chicken Nuggets in a Hotel in Saudi Arabia”

Source: DerGsicht

#16. “Pregnant wife ordered cheese fries, this isn’t going to end well.”

Source: Nocab_

#17. “A friend requested iced coffee at IHOP. The waitress put crushed ice in some freshly brewed coffee.”

Source: renovatedfishes

#18. “This happy-face pancake my daughter just ordered.”

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#19. Box of meats from Hungary that took six weeks to deliver

Source: stupidrobots

#20. Expectation Vs Reality

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