21 Weirdest Food Flavors You Would Never Think They Seriously Exist


Nowadays, enormous food companies market and export their products all over the world. The bigger the companies are, the more diverse of products they sell. However, if you think they sell exactly the same products everywhere, you are actually so wrong.

The world is incredibly diverse in terms of cuisine. As a result, the culinary cultures are unsurprisingly different between continents, particularly between each country. That means some foods that taste good here do not necessarily have the same success in other places.

People also have weird tastes in food sometimes. That makes it really curious to see how different culinary taste is in other regions of the world. That’s why today, we have assembled 21 photos of foods that you would never think of their existence on Earth.

#1. Let’s start off with these bad boys in China. They are dry pork and seaweed donuts

Source: flickr.com

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#2. Even if you are a big fan of Pringles, I am not sure you ever heard of soft-shell crab, seaweed, and grilled shrimp flavored

Source: gowiththeebb.wordpress.com

#3. Pizza and Spaghetti slushie in Canada

Source: huffingtonpost.com

#4. A lot of Chinese people love green tea so much, and now they even have green tea Oreos

Source: flickr.comm

#5. I wonder why they do not have this in the US

Source: flickr.com

#6. Raw horse meat ice cream. Oh well, definitely a NO from me!

Source: koraku.com

#7. Another unusual product from Pepsi, lady, and gentlemen. Pepsi Cappucino

Source: mummila.net

#8. Eww, Wasabi KitKat. Some Japanese people are obsessed with their wasabi.

Source: kotaku.com

#9. Spaghetti popsicle. Humm… Japanese people never actually let me down. This might be the best way to taste spaghetti

Source: jonellepatrick.me

#10. I like grilled corn, but this scares me LOL

Source: thesavory.com

#11. Salute to anyone who actually wants to try these Wasabi cheese and seaweed cheese donuts.

Source: coltmonday.wordpress.com/

#12. Sausage and beer are alright in a meal, but when it comes to Doritos…

Source: excusememe.com

#13. Never thought Burger King would seriously make this, squid ink burger

Source: gawker.com

#14. Yogurt and mint Doritos, please get that away from me

Source: nowthatsnifty.blogspot.com

#15. Holy Moly, pancake drink. Seriously?

Source: bartman905.wordpress.com

#16. For the love of God, fish soup flavor, and even hot and sour. What were you thinking, Lay’s?

Source: grub.gunaxin.com

#17. Is there anything they would not choose to be a doughnut’s flavor?

Source: jonellepatrick.mee

#18. God, forgive me. Lay’s must have run out of flavor’s idea.

Source: flickr.com

#19. Even if you are an avocado fan, would you still wanna try this avocado salad Cheetos?

Source: eataku.com

#20. Why don’t you bring this to the whole world, Pepsi?

Source: whatpoll.com

#21. Do they taste exactly like tomato and carrot but cold?

Source: jonellepatrick.me