23 Times People Hit The Jackpot While Shopping At Thrift Stores


So let’s explore the time when people hit the jackpot by scrolling down and checking these photos out with us. And who knows, maybe after reading this list, you will be encouraged to hunt for such valuable items in your local thrift stores. If you try to buy them and succeed, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear about it!

#1. “I’m in shock. They want only $30 for this mirror.”

Source: gloriacorbettt

#2. This espresso maker that’s worth a fortune

Source: randomlybev

#3. “When I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s a quality leather bag. And it’s only $11.’ Then I googled the brand. It’s a $700 bag by Philip Lim!”

Source: Great-Escapist

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#4. 10$ for two Le Creuset?! Find of the year!

Source: tn2k7



#5. Real diamonds with yellow gold for $6.99

Source: Radiantlyred

#6. “The best $1.99 I will ever spend in my lifetime”

Source: jennabunnykins



#7. “I found a pair of working Google Glass in a box of reading glasses for $1.50”

Source: lowlife9

#8. “Thrifted a $1k Espresso machine for $15. Made many coffees. Have yet to remove the tag.”

Source: Desvelo

#9. “Never worn, just my size Docs for $10.”

Source: infinitelyystrange

#10. “I found a Burberry trench coat.”

Source: mary_fox

#11. Every baker’s dream, for 10 dollars

Source: Skholla

#12. Emerald and diamond 18k gold ring, pay $16.

Source: urmomspotaytoes

#13. “The wedding dress of my dreams (and in my size) for $40 at Goodwill”

Source: baltering_magdalene

#14. “$2. The lady had absolutely no idea who these people are.”

Source: Reddit

#15. 2008 Mac Minis for $10 because it was taking up too much space:

Source: erimid

#16. For bedtime cookies or naptime peanut butter and honey sammiches. Very precious

Source: Reddit

#17. “I’ve found interesting things in thrifted suit pockets before, but never $2000 in cash”

Source: Abloy702

#18. Working iMac – $18 – It was displayed with the old computer monitors.

Source: vvonderboy

#19. This beauty at a yard sale for $20

Source: eenttirb

#20. Miniature barbie sewing machine with full accessories and charger, only $7

Source: Radiantlyred