24 People Who Flawlessly Executed Their Astonishingly Awful, Awful Ideas


In fairness, we all have crazy ideas sometimes. Yeah, crazy because other people have never seen anything like that before, or it just goes against their knowledge. Still, many are faithful to their visions. So much so that they attempt to make their thoughts come true no matter what. How to say, their valiant efforts resulted beautifully, at least that’s what they feel.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For others, they have the mixed feeling of admiration and disgust. If only those people put their efforts into something more appealing to others. Great executions, but their taste is so awful people can’t take it. Surething, sometimes you can see people show their craftmanship in the most inelegant way possible. Upside-down truck, lobster motorcycle, hippo car, we hate those things and also love them, because they’re so entertaining to watch.

So now, as we have collected some of the best pictures of such controversial creations, let’s scroll down and check them out in the list below.

#1 Found on Craigslist. I have no words

Responsive horizontal 2

Source: Reddit

#2 The scariest Hearse ever

Source: readball

#3 This duct taped car

Source: datyoungknockoutkid

#4 This upside-down truck

Source: thebayallday

#5 Why though?

Source: Blackout_vh

#6 Anyone wanna ride a lobster motorcycle?

Source: bitterbuffaloheart

#7 This buttery phone case

Source: FallenKai

#8 A very pink nightmare before Christmas

Source: George_Clinton37

#9 Actually very well made, but still

Source: CoffeeMix54

#10 A good way to make sure nobody steals your luggage

Source: Compact8909

#11 Just came across this on Instagram…

Source: Reddit

#12 At what point are stairs not stairs?

Source: 4dspecs

#13 Salad lasagne

Source: BaconBunkerFuck

#14 Long-time lurker, then I saw this and just had to share

Source: dreaming-md

#15 Just fcking no

Source: Reddit

#16 Cockroach latte. It is a great execution but why?

Source: ReaganAbe

#17 No, it’s not too much chrome

Source: SST87

#18 I was told this should live here

Source: Komplexs

#19 Crocheted Nightmare Baby

Source: JustANutMeg

#20 Wallet chain ankle crocs – thank you small town malls

Source: ghosted_

#21 Heard you guys might appreciate this velvet Mercedes I saw…

Source: comicbookbean

#22 Never regret

Source: MittensRL

#23 Deer leg nunchucks

Source: NoToNope

#24 This hairdo

Source: caseysgeneralstore