30 Cat Moms That Are Tired Of Their Kittens & Their Face Shows It All

Published on May 26, 2021

Motherhood is not all sunshine and rainbows.

It’s much more than that. Of course, it’s a feeling that is unlike any other in the world. The strong emotions and feelings associated with motherhood change your entire life. You now have a mini version of you who will look up to you for everything. You have another purpose in life, another reason to wake up every day. The feeling is undoubtedly beautiful and can’t get any better. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Motherhood is more than just playing with your babies and hearing them say their first word. It’s sleepless nights, excruciating pain and a lot of sacrifices. Though it might sound a bit harsh, it’s actually very true. And while we are led to believe that only humans experience these things, animals do as well. If we look closely, motherhood is the same everywhere.

Consider our little four-legged feline friends, for instance. We might think they have it all easy, but the truth is that they suffer the same way we do when it comes to being a mom. The following cat posts show what motherhood is like for cats, and believe me when I tell you that the struggles are real!

1. I give up.

2. Passed out.

3. Milk time.

4. Playtime.

5. Taking dad’s place in the sink.

6. Octopus.

7. The printer ran out of ink.


8. Hang in there.

9. Help.

10. Scaring them away.

11. “Don’t you sass me.”

12. What are you looking at?

13. Surrounded.

14. Exhausted mommy.


15. You can tell how tired she is by her face.


16. Favourite child.

They grow up so fast! Of course, you’re going to be a mom forever. But your children aren’t going to stay so little anymore. There will come a day when you’ll have to let them go and that’s when you’ll start missing the old times. Even the hard days when you were pulling off all-nighters trying to nurse your child. Savour the moment while you can!

17. So tiny.

18. Milk-ception.

19. Jhalli is an amazing mother.

20. The kittens are camouflaged.

21. Need rest ASAP.


22. Mommy and helper.

23. “Duelling Moms! These Cats, Lola And Little Kitty, Are Best Friends Who Had Kittens A Week Apart!”

24. Piano keys.


25. “1 Day Gone And I’m Knackered Already!”


26. Please get off me.

27. Packed.

28. In Qatif Sea, Saudi Arabia.


29. I need a day off.

30. From Top To Bottom: Einstein, Phantom, Mr. Mango, Ella, Hunio.

Mommy just needs some rest.


When will they grow up?

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