6 Rising Korean Actors With Multiple Talents

Published on July 1, 2021

Korea has seen rather a fewer caller stars successful Dramaland who impressment america with their acting chops and bully looks. And if this weren’t already enough, immoderate of them person adjacent much talents to offer, beryllium it singing, dancing, oregon doing comedy. Let’s instrumentality a look astatine six multi-talented actors who are connected their mode to becoming existent kings of the amusement industry!

Disclaimer: No idol actors are included connected this list.

Kim Seon Ho

There’s astir apt nary K-drama instrumentality who hasn’t heard of Kim Seon Ho by now. He became a existent sensation towards the extremity of 2020 with his outstanding portrayal of “good boy” Han Ji Pyeong successful “Start-Up.” In a precise abbreviated time, helium gained millions of caller fans wrong and extracurricular Korea. While the 35-year-old histrion (by planetary reckoning) has been a large sanction successful the theatre satellite for galore years, helium started his TV vocation successful 2017 done the deed play “Good Manager.” We’re truly thankful that he’s present regularly gracing our tiny screens – whether successful dramas oregon successful the assortment amusement “2 Days & 1 Night.” He’s a truly amusive idiosyncratic and a delight to ticker successful the latest play of the assortment classic. Check retired a compilation of his moments arsenic a rookie assortment prima below.

The different members connected “2 Days & 1 Night” really noted connected rather a fewer occasions that Kim Seon Ho has a truly bully singing voice. In bid to convey his fans for their emotion and to springiness thing backmost successful return, helium precocious released a azygous successful collaboration with Epitome Project. See the MV below.

Kim Min Jae

Although Kim Min Jae is the youngest connected this list, being 24 years aged (by planetary reckoning), helium already debuted successful 2015 and has the astir acquisition acting successful dramas. He dilatory built up his vocation with galore supporting roles, with his astir notable 1 being his relation arsenic a caregiver successful the mega deed “Dr. Romantic” and its sequel “Dr. Romantic 2.” With his archetypal main starring relation arsenic a quiescent pianist successful the 2020 play “Do You Like Brahms?” helium yet gained some commercialized and captious acclaim. Prior to his debut arsenic an actor, Kim Min Jae underwent idol grooming for 4 years. He is simply a precise bully rapper and has participated successful OSTs for immoderate of his dramas. Check retired his OST for “The Best Hit“:

Kim Min Jae regularly participates successful singing and dancing projects nether the signifier sanction Real.be. See him and Lee Sung Kyung, who starred with him successful “Dr. Romantic 2,” creation successful the clip below.

Kim Sung Cheol

Kim Sung Cheol made his TV debut successful 2017 done “Prison Playbook.” While helium already gained immoderate attraction arsenic the 2nd pb successful “Do You Like Brahms?,” it was his unforgettable impermanent relation successful the caller deed play “Vincenzo” that propelled him to the presumption of a rising star. The histrion has a inheritance successful musicals and has shown disconnected his saccharine dependable connected respective occasions. See beneath a compilation of his songs from the 2018 mini play “to.Jenny” successful which helium played the pb quality who dreams of becoming a musician.

Lee Sang Yi

Lee Sang Yi, who besides starred successful the supra mentioned “to.Jenny,” is different rising prima with a inheritance successful musicals. He and Kim Sung Cheol are really friends and were classmates successful university! After making his TV debut successful 2017, Lee Sang Yi yet roseate to fame with his relation arsenic the saccharine and cheeky Yoon Jae Suk successful the 2020 household play “Once Again.” He besides played the 2nd pb successful “Youth of May” which conscionable finished its run. Right now, helium is showcasing his singing endowment arsenic a subordinate of Yoo Jae Suk‘s caller task radical MSG Wannabe connected “How Do You Play?.” Check retired the compilation of his songs from the assortment amusement below.

But Lee Sang Yi has adjacent much to offer. He’s besides a precise bully dancer and adjacent won archetypal spot successful a UCC contention backmost successful precocious school. You tin spot him execute his contest-winning creation screen of Rain‘s “Rainism” connected “Ask Us Anything” below.

Lee Do Hyun

Like Kim Sung Cheol, Lee Do Hyun besides debuted successful 2017 done “Prison Playbook.” He made waves with his supporting relation successful the 2019 mega deed “Hotel Del Luna” and went connected to snatch respective awards with his archetypal starring relation successful past year’s “18 Again.” He astir precocious starred successful “Youth of May” and has erstwhile again been highly praised for his impeccable acting. But acting isn’t the lone tract successful which radical person taken announcement of him. With his outgoing and comic personality, Lee Do Hyun has a earthy endowment for comedy, which helium has showcased chiefly connected “Running Man.” He has been connected the amusement already 4 times! Check retired this highlights clip from his “Running Man” appearances.

Lee Do Hyun is besides precise athletic, and his hoops skills are good known acknowledgment to his relation of a promising hoops subordinate successful “18 Again.” But helium tin adjacent bash acrobatics! See him execute connected “Ask Us Anything” below.

Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop, who besides starred with Lee Do Hyun successful “18 Again,” has captured the hearts of millions of radical astir the satellite with his relation arsenic a brushed atrocious lad successful the 2020 play “True Beauty.” As the model-turned-actor debuted successful 2018, helium is the quickest to emergence to fame connected this list. He has a knack for playing charming atrocious boys, but radical person besides been taking enactment of his heavy and soothing speaking voice. And helium tin sing too! His opus from “True Beauty,” which you tin cheque retired below, gained him a batch of praise.

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