A Help desk guy speaking to a lady user…

Published on May 8, 2021

A Help desk guy speaking to a lady user…

Help desk: Double click on “My Computer”.

Lady: I can’t see your computer…

Help desk: No… click on “My Computer” on your computer.

Lady: How the hell can I click on your computer from my computer?!

Help desk: There is an icon labelled “My Computer” on your computer… double click on it…

Lady: What the hell is your computer doing on my computer?


A customer called to tech support because he can not connect to the internet

Customer: “I can’t seem to connect to the Internet.”

Tech Support: “Ah, right. What operating system are you running?”

Customer: “Netscape.”

Tech Support: “No, what version of Windows are you using?”
Customer: “Uhhh…Hewlett Packard?”

Tech Support: “No, Right click on ‘My Computer,’ and select properties on the menu.”

Customer: “Your computer? It’s my computer!”