An Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Has Given Birth To A Pink Calf

Published on June 28, 2021

Absolutely beautiful and amazing

We all love dolphins, but most of us didn’t know that they can be even….Its kind is nearly extinct!

The Animal, known locally as Pinky, has been spotted in the Calcasieu river in Louisana swimming with her pink baby. Dolphins are incredibly smart sea mammals, and they have a pretty large fan base. Pink dolphins are even easier to love, but there are a few of them left on earth.

Why can’t we have nice things?

Reports of second pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana | WPEC

Pinky is believed to be a Pink River Dolphin, whose distinct colouring comes from a rare genetic mutation.

Rare Pink Dolphin On The Edge of Extinction Gives Birth To Pink Calf

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), list the river dolphin as endangered, with the population of the animal decreasing.

Water po.llu.tion is higher in rivers than in the oceans, making river dolphin’s habitat a challenge for their sur.vival. What’s even, indiscriminate net fishing is a constant to these smart creatures.

The birth of Pinky’s calf, however, has given conservationists hope that calves share their mother’s genetic mutation, which would make a huge difference in efforts to increase the population of the rare species.

A Rare And Unique Pink-Colored River Dolphin Gives Birth To Her Calf In Louisiana - True Activist

The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail and has reddish eyes. The skin appears smooth, glossy pink and without flaws. Pink river dolphins exist in other places, like in the Amazon river, and they’re of the largest kind (they can weight up to 400 pounds!)

We look forward to it being around for some time to come.

Swimming With Pink River Dolphins … Just Part Of Life In The Amazon | Moonee Ponds MindBody Health Centre

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Pinky, her calf and others in the near future.

Our planet is so beautiful we all have to protect it and save the animals. Protect them now please 😢❤️❤️

Is Pinky an Amazonian dolphin that decided to cruise the world? Or is it something else?

Watch the precious video below:

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