Man Moved to Tears After he Finds a Abandoned Skeletal Dog

When we see an animal in physical deterioration our heart bursts into thousand pieces” writes Valuablestories. Not to mention what it feels like to be an animal lover whose most important quality is a doubled sensitivity to animals in need, who never gives up, who is patient, and who always has the welfare of pets at heart.

This is the story of Taki. He is a Greek who has become famous for not leaving animals on the streets alone with their suffering. In recent days, when he has often visited places where he knows dogs live in extremely unhealthy and desolate conditions, chosen by those who dispose of them, Taki has come across a dog howling under the tyre of a car.

The volunteer lamented: ,,I constantly visit areas chosen by people to abandon their dogs when they no longer want them. This time under the tires of a large gondola.’’ Taki could never imagine how he would find the animal. By hearing the dog’s sad howl, he approached the Ferris wheel and saw the dog’s snout sticking out of a hole.

From the first moment the dog was nervous and very afraid. She trembled when she was grabbed. It felt like her little heart was going to explode out of her chest. He was always suspicious as usual in such a case. But with patience, commitment, hard work, a little food and of course a triple love and sensitivity to those who suffer most, Taki was looking forward to rescue the frightened furry dog.

He got years of experience rescuing pets in difficult situations. However the man couldn’t help but cry when he saw them looking so emaciated. He couldn’t believe that there are still people who leave animals lying around as if they were useless waste. But as we can see there are still people who oppose this kind of action and, if necessary, give their life to save animals and work for their protection. In fact it’s not all bad because there are people who recognize dogs for what they really are.

Taki added: ,,You could tell she hadn’t been out of there for several days. She was probably left there and being used to a house. It wasn’t easy for her to interact with other dogs.’’ Thankfully the rescuer didn’t stop until he could hold the dog in his hands. They decided to call her Luna. Just like the new moon she was reborn to a new life without pain.

In other humans and dogs Luna slowly but surely gained confidence. She left huminilation, sadness and loneliness forever. Now Luna is on the road to happiness.

Luna fortunately gained a lot of weight and look more robust. Above all her main food is happiness, affection and love. Her hope is to find a new home to be treasured forever.

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