Animated Channel We Recommend Watching When You Feel Sad

Published on May 15, 2021

If you feel a bit down and need something to cheer you up, we can help you with that! In this article, we have added 4 sweet animated shorts that have a high potential in making your mood better. They are very heartwarming and hopeful so we can promise you won’t regret watching them.

Animated Channel We Recommend Watching When You Feel Sad /

Top sweet 4 stories from Fabiosa Animated channel

1. This story is about a blind girl who believed that her disability will prevent her from finding love. However, she was wrong. She found a man of her dreams but one day, they got into an accident that brought her sight back and she was able to see the love of her life for the first time. Did she like him?

2. This animated cartoon tells about a woman, who started suspecting her husband was not faithful to her. She decided to test her theory and told him that she was going away on a business trip while she hid in her neighbor’s house. She was in shock to see who her husband’s lover was!

3. This sad story is about a woman whose mother dumped her because she was born without a hand. She grew up being constantly bullied so when she became an adult, she rarely went outside. Nonetheless, true love helped her to find beauty within herself.

4. This short film is about a woman who woke up from a coma. She couldn’t remember her husband and her daughter but when she started to get to know them again, she realized how lucky she was. However, she had no idea that her husband had been lying to her the whole time.

We hope you liked all these stories and they made you smile at least a little bit. Check out or website for more cool compliations and Fabiosa Animated if you want to see more heartwarming animated shorts!