Beautiful Cats Collected Out Of All The Funniest And Cutest Cats The Internet Has To Offer

Published on June 23, 2021

The conspiracy theory I most subscribe to, is that cats invented the internet so that they can receive the maximum amount of attention, from as many people as possible all the time. It makes sense, right?

If you think about the way we have progressed from LOL cats to YouTube videos to cats on Instagram and TikTok, you are hit with a massive realization. All social medias are heavily reliant on the presence of cats.

Or, at least, the version of the internet algorithm I receive is heavily biased towards kitties. And I have no problem with that, and if you really love cats you shouldn’t have a problem with that either.

So check out this collection of cat content; from funny cats, to cute cats and everything in between.

Happy Birthday, Meatball

This little kitty fits perfectly into his new home

“We are NOT getting a cat” vs having a cat





Heart shaped cats!

What is Waffles gonna do with all those toes?