BTS Drops New Single ‘Butter’ + Achieves Shortest Time to Hit 20 Million Views in YouTube History

Published on May 21, 2021

BTS has finally returned with their second English-language single “Butter”! Shortly after release, the boy group has already set a new record on YouTube.

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BTS Butter

(Photo : Big Hit Music Twitter)

BTS is Smooth Like ‘Butter’ in Music Video for Highly-Anticipated Comeback

On May 21 at 1 p.m. KST, BTS dropped their much-awaited new English-language single “Butter,” their first one in exactly nine months since their hit “Dynamite” in August last year.

BTS’s “Butter” is an addictive dance-pop song that has a captivating intro bassline and lively synth sound.

For this track, the septet worked with a team of global composers and music producers, such as Ron Perry, Stephen Kirk, Rob Grimaldi, Jenna Andrews, Sebastian Garcia, and Alex Bilowitz. BTS’s leader RM also participated in making the single.

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BTS Butter

(Photo : Big Hit Music Twitter)

Concerning the music video for BTS’s “Butter,” which was released at the time of the summer song, Big Hit Music said that the main point of the MV is the unique choreography that each BTS member performed in individual frames, especially in the elevator scenes, and full-group shots.

In addition, BTS expressed their love for their fans, collectively called ARMY, in the “Butter” music video. At one point, BTS V entered the elevator and pressed the button with the letter “A” on it – “A” appears to represent ARMY.

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Apart from this, BTS members formed the word “ARMY” using their whole body, which can be seen in the second half of the “Butter” music video, after RM’s rap part.

Check out the music video for BTS’s new English-language single “Butter” below!

BTS Sets New Record of Shortest Time to Reach 20 Million Views in YouTube History

Shortly after release, the music video for BTS’s “Butter” immediately gained millions of views. In less than five minutes, it already garnered five million views, and in 13 minutes, the MV already exceeded 10 million views on YouTube. It is the fastest music video to do so.

On top of this, the “Butter” MV has reached 20 million views in just 54 minutes, the shortest time in YouTube history! This means “Butter” has broken the record set by the group’s previous single “Dynamite,” which hit 20 million views in one hour and 14 minutes.

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In addition to millions of views, BTS’s comeback single has also set a new record in terms of likes on YouTube. After only 47 minutes, the music video for “Butter” quickly reached two million likes. This is the shortest time in the history of YouTube, again beating the record obtained by “Dynamite.” BTS’s “Dynamite” scored two million likes in one hour and 14 minutes.

The music video for “Butter” went on to surpass three million likes, the fastest MV to do so in YouTube history. It only took two hours and two minutes to attain the mark, once again breaking the “Dynamite” record of two hours and seven minutes.

As of press time, the music video for BTS’s “Butter” has already exceeded 30 million views on YouTube.

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