BTS’ Jimin Touches Hearts with His Warm Message for ARMYs Can’t Afford BTS’ Merchandise or Paid Content

Published on June 16, 2021

Jimin comforted fans with his words.

In light of ‘2021 Muster Sowoozo,’ multiple ARMYs expressed their story of being not able to buy official merchandise and tickets for the online concert. Some even had confessed that they watched the online concert illegally because they cannot afford the official livestream. It seems like Jimin happened to find this out and he relayed his sweet message to fans.

Image Source: Twitter ‘@BTS_twt’

Jimin wrote on Weverse, “It’s all okay. Instead, please don’t hate yourself. No matter what the reason is, we will love you.”

Image Source: Weverse

He also made another post, this time shorter and written in Korean words that would be easily and accurately translated by Weverse. He said, “You are the reason I live.”

Image Source: Weverse

Not to mention, fans have once again fallen in love with Jimin for his kind heart. Several comments read, “I felt so sorry that I couldn’t afford paid content but Jimin has made my heart calm,” “Jimin is a very kind guy,” “This is why I love Jimin, and all other BTS members,” and more.

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter ‘@BTS_twt,’ The Qoo

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