BTS Members Answer Question about How They Make Jimin Smile

Published on June 16, 2021

Every member has their own ways to make Jimin smile.

In a past interview, BTS members were asked to share their ways to make Jimin smile. Known as one of the members who smiles most often, it turned out that it’s not that hard to make Jimin smile. Below is how every member makes Jimin smile bright.


“There are times when he smiles after I made simple jokes. It will be effective to make the vibes first and try making him smile.”


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“He smiles when I show strange actions. It seems like he likes it a lot.”


“He likes it very much when I show actions or accent that he likes. He is cute when he smiles.”


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“It’s simple. Just make him feel ticklish. He smiles when he feels ticklish.”


“He smiles to something simple these days. I don’t know what makes him smile.”


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“It’s really simple! He always smiles when he sees me.”

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