BTS Reportedly Makes Over USD 58 Million from Their 2-Day Online Concert ‘2021 Muster Sowoozoo’

Published on June 16, 2021

BTS made billions of KRW from their recent online concert.

As you might have known, the supergroup opened the ‘2021 Muster Sowoozo’ for fans worldwide from June 13th to 14th KST. According to an exclusive report on June 15th, it’s said the ticket sales for the online concert surpassed KRW 70 billion (approximately USD 62.6 million).

Image Source: Big Hit Music

The number is calculated from Big Hit Music that revealed over 1.33 million ARMYs from 195 countries enjoyed the concert. For your information, the ticket price for the HD quality was KRW 49,500 (approximately USD 44.3) and for the 5K-quality was KRW 59,500 (approximately USD 53.2). With these numbers, the ticket sales, at least, added up to KRW 65.8 billion (approximately USD 58.8 million).

Image Source: Big Hit Music

The estimated sales above don’t include the merchandise sales. If the merchandise sales are included, there’s a high chance that the group has made over KRW 80 billion (approximately USD 71.6 million).

Image Source: Big Hit Music

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to release a new album that will contain their latest English track ‘Butter’ on July 9th.

Thumbnail Credit: HYBE Labels

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