BTS’ V’s “Perfume Dance” from the music video of “Butter” has become a viral trend on TikTok.

Published on June 29, 2021

One of the most common and widely applauded topics that often headlines worldwide is none other than the many admirable stories of BTS’s all-rounder star V being the ultimate trendsetter of this generation. Whether it is through his bold fashion statements, his out-of-the-box creativity, or with his stellar performances, V has proven himself to be an individual who ignites a deep sense of artistry among the audiences.

One such that has recently inspired a viral phenomenon on TikTok is a trend derived from V’s solo dance step from the music video of BTS’s latest hit single “Butter.” The challenge more famously named the “Perfume Dance” is currently amassing millions of views with hundreds of users joining in every day.

In an interview, V revealed that the members choreographed their steps for the dance scene in the elevator. Unlike the rest of the members who chose to perform simple or cool dance moves, V went for a fun one that would not only draw a smile from the fans but also one that they could mimic. This is one of the main reasons credited as to why it has birthed yet another viral challenge.

In addition to the “Perfume Dance,” another trend of V has also revived itself, gaining popularity among the Instagram users of India.

In 2019, #GoodBoyChallenge that originated from V’s introduction at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” became a massive hit on TikTok. Two years later, the challenge has solidified the remarkable impact even a single introductory line of V holds by garnering massive popularity on Instagram.

In the past few years, V has inspired and even at times created some of the most popular challenges. While his commendable efforts at entertaining the fans during the pandemic through #집콕챌린지 (#StayAtHomeChallenge) received massive praise from the South Korean ministries, his #꿈_챌린지 (#DreamChallenge) was implemented in some of the Kindergartens of the country. Adding to that is his #아미가치는클래식 (Classical that ARMYs play) and #태형싸인만들기콘테스트 (Taehyung Signature Making Contest) that encouraged fans to tap into their creative sides.

With such challenges, V has proven his innate skills and capabilities to innovate, inspire and entertain masses through his creativity and art. Whether one names him as a ‘trendsetter’ or a ‘creative genius’ one thing is for certain, V was born to the brightest star of this generation.