BTS’s Suga revealed to have donated 100 million KRW to a hospital in Daegu on his birthday

Published on June 28, 2021

It has been revealed that BTS’s Suga had made a generous donation on his birthday this year.

On June 27 KST, media outlets reported that a nameplate that reads ‘Suga (Min Yoongi)‘ has been hung on the wall of Keimyung University‘s Dongsan Medical Center located in Daegu. The nameplate was for BTS’s Suga, who has donated 100 million KRW (~88,700 USD) to the hospital in order to aid underage patients battling cancer.

The hospital confirmed that Suga made the donation back on March 9, on the day of his birthday. They said, “Suga wanted to help the children who could not recover financially due to their familial circumstances and wished for them to grow up in a healthy and optimistic environment.”

The director of the hospital expressed his gratitude and hoped that such gestures of kindness would “become a good influence in the society.” He added, “I am proud of the BTS members who are enhancing our national image through great stage performances. I hope that they continue to grow and receive a lot of love globally as artists.”

What a warmhearted and generous gesture from Suga!