BTS’s V dazzles with a new hairstyle

Published on June 23, 2021

Fans were stunned at BTS V‘s new look at “BTS, THE BEST SHOWCASE” that was aired today. The artist had short black hair, which complimented his gorgeous visuals and made fans swoon over him.

Dazzling with his visual and beautiful vocal, Kim Taehyung topped the trends immediately on twipple despite having his name muted.

After the show, a post about V‘s new hairstyle in theqoo trended under the “Hot category,” where knetz swooned over the artist’s heavenly visuals.

didn’t let fans breathe, as he set social media ablaze after the release of the photobooth video clips.

The artist trended everywhere and on numerous platforms: FacebookTwittertwippleyahoo Japan, Google, and more.

Kim Taehyung proves daily that he’s unstoppable, his impact is powerful, and we’re here for it.