Camera Captures The Sweetest Moment Of Cat And Dog When Owner Is Away

Published on June 19, 2021

If you are a pet owner, you will wonder what your pets get up to when they are home alone. Maybe they play with your slippers, destroy toilet paper or lay on your sofa and bed. In order to know the answer and want peace of mind about pets when the owners are away from home, one pet owner decided to set a secret camera to watch the activities of her cat and dog while she was at work.

Reddit user elphaba1 was surprised to discover that her pets (a dog named Joule and a cat named Kelvin) had not any mischief at all. Instead, the clip shows the αdσrαbℓε pair cuddled up on the sofa. Kelvin was sweetly comforting Joule who was a bit nervous when the owner, Eckert was away.

After the video was share on Reddit, it quickly went viral and the internet is going wild for these adorable animals. This sweet moment triggered Eckert to install her webcam to the sofa every day so she can watch them snuggle. According to Eckert, they spend nearly eight hours a day cυddℓιng on the sofa.

Watch the videos of Joule and Kelvin snuggling in the videos below. Please share with your friends and family members!