Cat decides her toys should participate in backyard adventures

Published on May 29, 2021

A cat who lives in the UK looks like a character from a children’s movie. Certainly the feline acts differently than most cats. She is called Pixie and, according to the owner, Beth Wilson, has some fun features. The cat always decides to take her toys on her adventures.

She loves to discover the world and venture out there, but always under Beth’s supervision. The funniest thing is that Pixie doesn’t go out alone on her adventures. The kitten, however, does not go out with pussy friends. She takes her toys when she goes out for walks.


If it spreads in the garden, for example, you have to take one of your stuffed animals to do the same. Every adventure that Pixie chooses, has a fake companion. Be it the little lion, the little tiger or even the cat that looks like her, the cat is never alone.

Cat decides that her toys should play too

Pixie has a collection of stuffed animals, and loves them all. Undoubtedly, she sees them as living beings and inseparable friends. Anyone who sees her rolling across the grass with other toy cats has a lot of fun. Anyway, it is not every day that we see something so curious and cute.

And it is even more out of the ordinary, as the owner says that when Pixie realizes that she is being watched, she lowers the toy and pretends that nothing has happened. Attentive to the situation, and knowing her kitten, sometimes Beth manages to register the cases.