Cat Mom With Broken Leg Led Human To Her Kittens At Their Secret Shelter

Published on May 20, 2021

Moms, including animal moms, are the most wonderful beings in this world. Sometimes what they are capable of doing for their children is just so incredible it leaves us all in awe. The strong cat mama in this story was also one of them. She had 5 kittens, and she would do literally everything to protect her babies.

The skinny cat showed up in an old man’s garden in search of food, she was obviously starving. And the man’s son couldn’t help but notice that she was a new mom with a broken leg. He wanted to rush her to the vet but he knew he needed to locate her kittens first to make sure they were all okay, which was kind of difficult as the mom didn’t really want to lead a human to her babies right away.

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So after several days of feeding her, keeping an eye on her and got along with her, he seemed to successfully gain the cat’s trust. The man followed the cat to a roadside and finally found out where she kept the kittens – in a thick bush, which was dense enough to cover them and shelter them from the elements.

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The kind man quickly put them all into a carrier and took them to his car, while the cat mom worriedly kept track of the whole process. He brought all of the kittens as well as their mama to a vet clinic, where he learned about a fracture in her left femur which happened a very long time ago and was really hard to fix at that moment. Luckily, all of the babies were healthy.

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While the cats stayed at the vet, their rescuer had no trouble finding them an experienced foster mother who was willing to take care of that adorable family for a while. And after moving to their foster home, the very first thing that mama did was making sure that would be a safe environment for her offsprings.

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Watch the full rescue here:

After the kids grew bigger and stronger, the compassionate man also helped each of them find a sweet forever home to spend the rest of their life in love and care. As for the cat mama, she was spayed and got to stay with other cats in his dad’s garden.

Here is the happy ending for their story:

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