Cats Are Really Good At One Thing Only, “Being Jerks” (20 Pics)

Published on May 28, 2021

Pets have this amazing ability to keep you entertained by doing totally random small acts. When we talk about pets, dogs and cats are the most popular pets around the world. And we all know that dogs are more innocent and sweet than cats. Cats are witty and strong-headed. They can be so naughty at times and make you wonder if you took the right decision of keeping them as a pet.

But hey, we still love cats! They are too cute for not being loved. With their round eyes and fluffy cheeks, they can get away with every mischievous act they do. Like come on, we all know cats are predatory animals at heart, they will show their predator behaviours sometimes. Growling, hissing, biting, scratching, avoidance, hiding, and possibly spraying, these are the predatory behaviours that cats show.

Talking about weird and strange things that cats do, there are often times when cat owners are lucky enough to get these behaviours on camera. We have a compilation of such times when mischievous acts were caught on camera! And their owner was brave enough to share them. Scroll down and see!

1. Imma climb up to the highest shelf.

2. “Cake here thought she would add to my novel I am trying to write, while I was in the bathroom.”

Or maybe she just wanted to note down that she walked 45km today? But you think about yourself only.

3. “A lovely cat I had the privilege of meeting today”

Don’t even think of coming near me, I don’t like humans.

4. You can’t touch the food without feeding me first!

5. The expression on the cat’s face says it all.

Respect the cats wish and don’t pet!

6. “I took away the wire he was eating.”

“How dare you hooman??”

7. Definitely not letting my hooman sleep in peace.

8. Didn’t know cats could be good guards.

9. So much to do, so little time. So let’s just sleep!

10.”She snuck out while I was coming inside from taking photos of snow. I didn’t realize it until I turned around to see what the noise was behind me. I quickly snapped the face of regret before letting her in.”

11.  Eat hearty!

12. This is one evil cat.

13. “Someone found the tuna juice I’d just drained out the tin…”

“I can smell it, where is my TUNA JUICE HOOMAN???”

14. “I don’t think I’ll be allowed back in my computer chair anytime soon…”

“You’re not allowed to use the computer for the next few hours, hooman!”

15. “Cats and plants don’t mix.”

Did you plant some leaves? Funny. I planted some sits.

16. The face you make when someone eats your food.

17. If you don’t let me work cato, you won’t get the wet food you like!

18. A very well calculated risk-taker!


19. “Sneak Attack”

Planning something evil against its rival cat.

20. You thought you’re the only one who has to work from home during the lockdown?


Well, so you see how those adorable looking creatures are absolutely genius and hilariously evil, at times. It’s pretty amusing and almost unreal. Which one of these images did you find most interesting? Let us know in the comments section below!