Chicho Dog Was Staring At The Wall At Bus Station For Three Days And People Think He Is “Seeing A Ghost”

Published on May 14, 2021

There is a mystery in General Roca, Argentina, that is yet to be solved.

Chicho Dog Was Staring At The Wall At Bus Station For Three Days And People Think He Is "Seeing A Ghost"Roman Samborskyi /

Apparently, there’s a Labrador which was staring at a wall in one of the bus stops for at least three days. In a video from social networks, you can see that, even though occasionally the dog can spare a second to look at people trying to distract it, the Labrador is too absorbed in its important activity.

elfederalonline / YouTube

So far, no one can explain why the dog named Chicho is so fascinated by the blue wall of the bus station, as if seeing something that nobody else can.

Whether sitting or standing, for at least three days straight, the Labrador continues his strange ritual. A local vet said that Chicho leaves his post for short breaks but then always comes back.

elfederalonline / YouTube

There is nothing different about this particular bus stop. Aside from being blue, it has a bench, and the word “Rock” painted in white. Those are the only clues. It is located in the Stefenelli neighborhood, on Vintter Street, near a school and an old train station.

Apparently, Chicho doesn’t have an owner, but the locals always greet him and try to distract. However, the dog doesn’t do much more than look at them and wag his tail for a few seconds before plunging back into the depth of the blue wall.

elfederalonline / YouTube

It didn’t take long for people to come up with various theories about Chicho’s behavior. Some speculate that Chicho used to accompany his former owner to a shop, and now he is waiting for someone, like Hachiko, the famous Japanese dog who stole our hearts going to a train station every day to wait for his deceased owner.

Others insist that the dog is blind, but this theory was ruled out by the local vet. However, perhaps the most commented theory is that Chicho “is seeing a ghost,” referring to animals’ alleged extrasensory abilities.

As expected, the video went viral and already has almost four thousand views on Facebook. Now, watch and decide for yourself:

The only truth about this most peculiar case of animal behavior is that until now, nobody can explain Chicho’s ritual, but we all have some theories. Tell us yours in the comments!