Don’t Let Your Victories Go To Your Head, or Your Failures Go To Your Heart.

Published on June 5, 2021

“Don’t let your victories go to your head, or your failures go to your heart.”

— Bill Cosby

Simplest way of life is to balancing both ups and downs you face in your journey. Definitely everyone are working hard to get successful in life, but when you got the victory don’t be excited too much. You should always reward yourself for achieving anything but don’t forget that nothing is lasts long. Same way if you took failure more emotionally you can’t break through the obstacles. Successful persons accept both failure and victories in same level, this habit helps them to take better decision.

You might have seen so many live examples that too much excitement never lasts long. If you’ve problems of getting momentum in the success journey, a little celebration may help. If celebrating slows you down, then avoid it until you achieve some more important milestone. This habit helps to keep your mind calm and focused on particular goal.

The point is this–just because you fail in a smaller task, does not mean you have reached your peak or that you cannot be successful in a tougher, more demanding task. Quite often early failures only indicate that we are on a quest of self-discovery. By trial and error we are determining what we are good at and what is our purpose of life.

Most of us know that failure is a reality of life, and at some level, we understand that it actually helps us grow. Obsessing over your failure will not change the outcome. In fact, it will only intensify the outcome, taking failures emotionally that disables you from moving on. You cannot change the past, but you can shape your future. The faster you take a positive step forward, the quicker you can leave these debilitating, monopolizing thoughts behind.