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The dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times more than the smell of humans. It takes a very high value. So dogs can find many things that humans cannot. That is why dogs are used in every security sector around the world. The ability to train very quickly, having an advanced olfactory system, loyalty, etc. are main for that. So, we are going to tell you a story about another amazing dog.

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This dog lived in the village of Ban Nong Kham village, in Cham Phuang district, north east of Bangkok. Although this happened a few years ago, it is still a very popular story in the world. He known as a Ping Pong. He is a 6 year old dog. One day, unexpectedly, the attention of the village farmers turned to ping pong. He began to sniff one spot unusually. Then he started digging that place very fast and frantically. His owner, Usa Nishika, 41, saw a small leg coming from the underneath. He could not believe what he saw. That was a small baby. Usa picked up the baby and took him to the doctor as soon as he could.

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Fortunately, doctors said the baby’s condition was not serious. It had been only a few days since the baby was born. Investigations have revealed that the mother of the baby is a 15 year old girl. The security unit took her into their custody as soon as possible. Because, this was done by her. But the girl’s parents had agreed to adopt the baby. After this heroic deed, Ping Pong has been accepted by the locals as a hero. He is a special dog. Because, out of his four legs, only three legs work. So, he dug the ground by only three legs. He proved that he was willing to help everyone, no matter how many legs he had. The owner of Ping Pong also met him by unexpectedly. Because of the dog’s loyalty, he has adopted the dog. The dog helps him when every time Usa goes to the fields to tend to cattle.