Giant Panda Enjoys Another Cooling Shower On A Baking Hot Day

Published on August 4, 2021

Giant panda Hua Ao pushes his back as he is sprayed with a tube in his enclosure at Yantai Zoo yesterday

Initially, he wasn’t so sure.

However Hua Ao the huge panda currently seems to value the advantages of a great hosing down on a baking warm day.

Recently, Hua Ao found the experience a little too bracing, elevating his paw to obstruct the stream of water and at one point losing his ground as he dealt with to stay clear of the firing line.

The spirited appears much more relaxed with the water than he did a week back when he attempted fending it off with his paws.

Hua Ao showed up far more brought in by the water this moment around, unlike last week

The panda additionally attempted to conceal behind a wood system, peeking out to see what’s coming his method next.

However yesterday, the spirited bear appeared to be having a lot more enjoyable as temperature levels at Yantai Zoo in eastern China reached a sweltering 32.3 C.

He was imagined this time turning in and out of the water on the exact same system and bounding throughout the grass as the spray came in the direction of him. His mate, Qing Feng, also participated in the activity.

Hua Ao waves to the cams as his caretakers provide him an excellent spraying down

Hua Ao took advantage of his cool shower as temperatures topped 32C at the zoo yesterday

Giant pandas are solitary bears when in the wild, normally choosing their own company when foraging in Chinese bamboo forests.

They are an endangered types, with less than 2,000 believed to be left roaming totally free in the awesome forests that are their all-natural habitat.

They primarily eat bamboo, but in captivity are likewise take pleasure in being fed honey, eggs, fish, yams, leaves, oranges, bananas and also various other unique treats.

Recently, Hua Ao backed off and also raises his paws when he was offered his air conditioning soak.

The huge panda turns its head away as keepers try and also keep the animal cool it soaring temperatures.

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Elephants are very social very nature. They love to remain in groups. They are very lovable and adorable creatures. Their nature remains the same even when they grew up into giants.

Once there was an article about an adult elephant that keeps on asking its caretaker to sing to her a lullaby every day. They are so friendly that they can even build a friendly relationship with other creatures.

Here is a story of the special bond that a 32-year-old African elephant and a 3-year-old Labrador had. Though they might look odd to us they are very happy when they are together. They proved that Friendship has no barrier.

The name of the elephant is Bubbles and the name of the dog is Bella and they are currently in Myrtle Beach Safari which is a part of a wildlife conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund, Southern California. They love playing the game of catch in the water.

For Bella, the most comfortable and safest seat in the world is in the back of his friend. They had plenty of fun, laughter together and this made their life more meaningful and colorful.

The bubble is an orphan elephant. She came from Africa after her parents were ki lled for their tusks. At first, she struggles to make friends but when she met Bella, she found a true friend.

The bubble is very happy in the company of Bella. Her weight is around 4 tons and her height is over 9 ft. She loves playing catch and romps with Bella.

Their unusual friendship went viral on the internet and it is liked by everyone. Their friendship is pure and beautiful