Han Ye Seul Responds to Comment Asking if She Slapped BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Published on June 6, 2021

A commenter asked if Han Ye Seul slapped the BLACKPINK member in the past.

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Han Ye Seul Responds to Comment Asking if She Slapped BLACKPINK’s Jennie

On June 4, KST, actress Han Ye Seul, famous for starring in the 2014 romantic drama “Birth of a Beauty,” posted on her personal Instagram account a picture of her donning a neon green top while she poses next to a violet Lamborghini Huracan.

On her post, she includes the caption, “I’ll unravel the story soon. Please look forward to it!” She also included the hashtags “I can’t take it anymore” and “Let’s go to the end,” referring to the controversy and rumors surrounding her romantic relationship with boyfriend and theatrical actor, Ryu Sung Jae.

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After the picture was posted, the actress had received more than 5,200 comments, where she personally replied to numerous comments and questions about her relationship and addressed other rumors. One comment, however, asked Han Ye Seul if she had slapped BLACKPINK’s Jennie in the past.

“Is it true that you slapped BLACKPINK’s Jennie?”

 asked the commenter.

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Comment asking: ‘Is it true that you slapped BLACKPINK’s Jennie?’

The “Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist” star immediately responded, saying that she has never met the BLACKPINK member before.

“I have never even met Jennie once,” said Han Ye Seul.

The question supposedly came after a Youtube video uploaded on June 3 by former entertainment reporter, Kim Yong Ho, had accused Han Ye Seul of slapping Jennie’s cheek back when the actress had been dating Teddy, a well-known music producer at YG Entertainment, as Teddy reportedly had feelings for the BLACKPINK member.

Almost instantly, Han Ye Seul’s reponse received hundreds of likes from fans.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sports a “Tennis” Fashion

On June 4, the “How You Like That” singer updated her personal Instagram account with a new picture of her sporting an all-Adidas ensemble, with the fashion and style quite reminiscent of what you would normally see on tennis players.

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Along with her picture, she added the caption, “I should play tennis.” In the picture, Jennie is wearing a green and white Adidas dress with a pleated mini-skirt. She accompanies her dress with a white polo shirt layered underneath and a pair of classic Stan Smith sneakers matching her dress with striped Adidas socks. Jennie finishes off her look with a cute Adidas bag adorned with a cherry print to give her a sporty yet preppy look.

Although we normally see Jennie donning an expensive ensemble, her Adidas and tennis fashion is more affordable, and you can definitely cop the look! Her tennis dress retails for $60 USD, the Stan Smith shoes for $85 USD, the socks for $8 USD, and the cherry-print bag for $45 USD; that brings Jennie’s entire look to $198 USD!

Will you be donning Jennie’s tennis fashion?