His girlfriend says “either i go or the dog goes”, then he posted an advertisement on craigslist

Published on July 17, 2021

It is said that dogs are loyal and playful, and they are considered as man’s best friend.

We share special bond with our pets; some people say that they love animals more than anything. Which means that being apart from your per friends is so hard. So, when this man’s girlfriend gave him the last alert, he had to make a difficult decision.

A couple in Roanoke, Virgina, was to move together after dating for about 4 years. But the girlfriend did not care for just one issue, her boyfriend’s beloved dog, Molly.

She told her boyfriend that she’d move in with him just if he left his 4-year-old beagle behind. Her boyfriend wondered, and did not know how to deal with the choice in a best way.

He posted an advertisement on Craigslist. Actually, his solution is definitely brilliant. Surely, his girlfriend was not expecting that, but they will not move together without Molly. Never try to divide between a good and his owner!

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