HYBE Performance Director Son Sung Deuk Reveals How BTS’s Dance Skills Helped Influence The “Butter” Choreography

Published on June 11, 2021

The members have evolved over the years!

Singer Lee Hyun recently sat down with HYBE‘s performance director Son Sung Deuk and producer Pdogg and reacted to BTS‘s latest music video for their track “Butter.”

As expected, all of the men had nothing but praise for the members as they watched the spectacularly charismatic music video that has taken the world by storm.

After the video finished, Lee Hyun pointed out how their old choreography focused more on the members being in perfect sync. In contrast, their latest releases are a mix of synchronicity and more relaxed moves.

Son Sung Deuk explained how the members have more experience. It is that knowledge that impacts the group’s choreography.

They’re really experienced now, and there is that energy that they give off when dancing perfectly in sync. But now, their individual aura and charms are so strong.

— Son Sung Deuk

He then added how their charms need to be highlighted through the choreography of the song.

The choreography is really tight when it needs to be, but it can also show off their individual charms. That’s how this amazing choreography came to be.

— Son Sung Deuk