Jeon Yeo Been To Show Sweet Chemistry With Lee Sang Yi In MSG Wannabe’s Upcoming MV

Published on July 1, 2021

Jeon Yeo Been volition beryllium starring successful MSG Wannabe’s upcoming euphony video!

Formed by Yoo Jae Suk connected his assortment amusement “How Do You Play?,” MSG Wannabe is simply a task radical inspired by the fashionable vocal trio SG Wannabe. It is made up of the 2 units M.O.M (Parc Jae Jung, Ji Suk Jin, Wonstein, and KCM) and JSDK (Kim Jung Min, Lee Dong Hwi, Lee Sang Yi, and Simon Dominic). Their caller songs “Foolish Love” and “Only You” were released connected June 26 and person been sweeping charts ever since.

It was revealed done the preview for the upcoming occurrence of “How Do You Play?” that the MSG Wannabe members volition beryllium creating their ain euphony video for the 2 songs astatine erstwhile with Lee Dong Hwi arsenic the director, the different members arsenic formed members, and Jeon Yeo Been arsenic the pistillate lead.

On June 30, “How Do You Play?” released inactive cuts of the upcoming euphony video done the program’s Instagram account. The images preview a country successful which Lee Sang Yi is confessing to Jeon Yeo Been.

Meanwhile, Park Jae Jung appears upset arsenic helium watches the concern unfold.

Other images amusement Lee Dong Hwi hard astatine enactment arsenic the manager with Yoo Jae Suk besides monitoring closely.

The communicative of MSG Wannabe’s euphony video filming with Jeon Yeo Been volition beryllium unveiled done “How Do You Play?” connected the July 3 episode.

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