Go Ah Sung In Talks Along With Im Siwan For New Drama

Published on July 1, 2021

Go Ah Sung and Im Siwan whitethorn beryllium starring successful a play together!

On June 30, 1 concern typical reported that Go Ah Sung has been formed for a starring relation in “Tracer” (working title).

In effect to the report, the actress’s agency KeyEast commented, “Go Ah Sung received a casting connection for ‘Tracer’ and is reviewing it.”

“Tracer” is simply a revenge play focused connected the mounting of the National Tax Service. Im Siwan is in talks to play Hwang Dong Joo, a caller squad manager of the Seoul Regional Office’s Investigation Bureau. Son Hyun Joo has received an connection to play In Tae Joon, commissioner of the Seoul Regional Office. The play volition beryllium written by Kim Hyun Jung and directed by Lee Seung Young.

Go Ah Sung has impressed viewers with her acting successful a wide spectrum of genres. Some of her known works are “The King,” “Radiant Office,” and “Life connected Mars.” She besides worked with Im Siwan successful the movie “A Melody to Remember.”

Stay tuned for updates!