Jessica Jung Celebrates Birthday with BLACKPINK Jennie

Published on May 22, 2021

On Friday, May 21, Jessica Jung uploaded a video to her YouTube channel celebrating her birthday month. There, she had one guest no one expected — BLACKPINK’s Jennie! Keep on reading to learn more.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spotted Celebrating Jessica Jung’s Birthday

On Friday, May 21, Jessica Jung uploaded a video to celebrate her birthday month. In the video, fans tagged along with Jessica as she celebrated not only her birthday day but the whole month! Fans of Jessica Jung spotted familiar faces, such as her sister Krystal (member of f(x)), her friends Jungwon and Jihye, and more.

On her fifth day, however, BLINKs immediately heard a familiar voice whispering in the background. Jessica is seen flaunting a rose-shaped birthday cake and thanks the person behind the camera, and fans immediately hear Jennie greeting Jessica a happy birthday and complimenting how pretty she looks.

OMG Jessica Jung and Jennie in Jessica’s birthday vlog. They are so soft 🥺

— RI (@hyori_sunie) May 21, 2021

Jessica nicknames Jennie “Nini” in the video, which is one of Jennie’s popular nicknames. Even fans call her Nini! Fans became certain it was Jennie in the video once they saw a glimpse of the idol’s cheeks and eye as she eats dinner next to Jessica. Jessica even gives the fans a cute close-up of Jennie’s eyes, and the idol appears to show some aegyo for the camera.

jessica pinching jennie’s cheek 🤏🏻😭

— Paula (@syjungies) May 21, 2021

The two are heard chatting over the cake and how delicious it is. Jessica and Jennie both gush over how pretty the cake is, to which Jessica asks Jennie if she bought the cake just because of how gorgeous it is. Jennie agreed and added she bought it because it reminded her of Jessica.

Jennie then revealed that she does not eat chocolate cakes, which surprises Jessica. The latter then comments that Jennie does not eat a lot of things, such as clams, beans, and eggplants. Jennie explains that it is because chocolate cake does not taste like real chocolates.

As Jennie’s cheek continues to get into view, she wonders if people will be able to recognize her just from her cheek. The answer is a resounding yes!

Jennie appeared in Jessica Jung’s Birthday Vlog. She wanted us to figure out who she was 🥺😭 @blackpink

— ᴄʏᴀɴ (@cyanblink) May 21, 2021

In the video, Jessica shows off a pearl necklace and tells fans it was a gift. Jennie then says, “Whoever chose it, she made an excellent choice! I am guessing she has a good taste in fashion.” Looks like Jennie got it for Jessica! How sweet!

#JENNIE bought JESSICA a pearl necklace for her birthday!

JESS: “By the way, I received this as a birthday gift”

JENNIE: “Whoever chose it made an excellent choice, i’m guessing they’re a person with a good taste in fashion!”

— 🖤✨ (@jenniesrene) May 21, 2021

Before the video ended, Jessica gave fans one last hint on who her guest was. She showed Jennie’s baby hairs! The idol appeared to be shy and claimed the hairs were growing longer.

Check out Jessica’s video here:

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Written by Alexa Lewis