K-media nicknames Jin a “Living Jewel” and fans are loving it

Published on June 29, 2021

“Each and every one of you is a unique and precious gem. Never forget to cherish yourself, and always remember that you are a sparkling gem, always remember to sparkle with confidence just like me.” -Jin.

BTS’s Jin is known to have over 70 different nicknames that media outlets, fans, and the public keep giving him for vocalsvisuals, creative uniqueness, and other talents. Recently one more nickname was added to the list as K-media named Jin a “Living Jewel” (살아숨쉬는 보석).

The new beautiful nickname got lots of love from fans.

“Seokjin” itself means a “Great Treasure” (金碩珍), so it is very well suiting.

Some fans even wrote long letters about Jin:

Living Jewel” also seems very fitting because of Jin truly being the brightest diamond.

It became the reason for the hashtag #LivingJewel trending with fans sharing their compliments to the idol:

“Seokjin is a living enigma, he is the most perfect man in the world. A highly critically acclaimed singer, a fabulous dancer with captivating stage presence, the visual of visuals, a manner and lovable idol”.


As a real diamond Jin too has many facets. He is the most perfect face in the world, a Silver Voice, a skilled, talented actorcomposer and songwriterathletedancercreative genius; but also a person with a beautiful soul.

Fans remembered Jin always sharing his wisdom of living a happy life, loving yourself; being a part of the UNICEF Honors club because of donating great amounts of money every month; being thoughtful and accepting to every member and person.