Kitten Who Was Delivered To Rescuers Got To Meet Her Brother Again

Published on May 20, 2021

There are so many street cats in Brooklyn, New York who have been saved by volunteers from the Flatbush Cats, but Charli is probably one of the most special ones. This sweet little girl did not meet them directly, she was delivered to them through the postal service.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

According to what the rescuers shared on their YouTube channel, Charli the street kitty was rescued by a postal service employee and delivered to their door. It was a nice surprise though. Right after opening the pack, they immediately fell in love with this adorable gal. She was so bold and lively, she wasn’t scared of humans at all.

Charli of course had settled right into her new home. She had a safe place to live in, enough food to fill her belly, a few toys to play and many humans to hang out with. However, humans were obviously no cats. Without her mommy and the rest of the litter around, Charli was still alone.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

But then, a miracle happened. While doing several TNR projects within their area as usual, the rescuers at Flatbush Cats came across her brother Wallace, just a few blocks away from where she was rescued.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

Not many kittens born in the cold winter could survive like these two, so they were all really glad they could found this little guy to reunite him with his sister. And Charli was so happy with this reunion she even performed some ceremonial crab dance to welcome her brother.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

The two had been inseparable since then. They kept each other’s company and loved to do everything together, which made the rescuers’ work as foster parents way easier. While Charli was outgoing and fearless, Wallace seemed to be a little calmer. He often quietly watched Charli did all the fun stuff.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats

Despite being the hyper one, Charli was still a bit weaker than Wallace with some unwanted health issue, but thankfully it was not serious and they could handle it. Only a few days after a quick visit to the vet, the girl was back to her usual self!

Once they were both content and healthy again, needless to say it was time to move on. The rescuers didn’t want to separate these cuties, so they tried hard to find them a loving forever home where they could live a great life together. Because, as they said, “Charli didn’t need to pack much, the only important thing to bring was her brother.”

Watch the whole rescue here:

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