Kitten With Two Faces Was Saved After Being Rejected By Her Cat Mom

Published on May 19, 2021

Meet Duo, the special kitten who was born with two faces on one head. She has a condition commonly known as “Janus”, also known as craniofacial duplication. The poor kitten was rejected by her mom because of her two faces. The mother didn’t care and nurse her, so she was surrendered to a rescuer when she was just two hours old.

Image credits: duotwofacedcat

Knowing about Duo’s situation, a veterinarian named Ralph Tran decided to foster her and give her a second chance at life. Even he didn’t believe that the kitten could survive, he didn’t give up and still took her in.

Image credits: duotwofacedcat

Ralph had to carry out tube fed for Duo every two hours round the clock. Thanks to the care and love of Ralph, Duo made it. After three months, she could eat by her two faces. However, she still required tube feeding as she might lose weight without it. Due to the lack of mother’s love, Duo loves to get cuddles and snuggles.

Image credits: duotwofacedcat

At 29 weeks old, Duo was big and strong enough for surgery to remove her middle eye. Thankfully, the surgeries were successful, and she made a full recovery. Duo is now healthy and happy. She may look scary, but she’s very special. She is living happily in her perfect home with her new owner and her friends.

Image credits: duotwofacedcat

We are sure that the mother rejected her because she knew her chances of survival were very slim. She didn’t reject her because of her unusual face. But thankfully, Ralph Tran rescued the kitten and gave her a new chance. Without humans taking care of it this kitten would not have survived. Thank you for saving Duo and giving her the best life that she deserves.

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