Kittens Found Abandoned And Starving Are Rescued And Given Second Chance At Life

Published on May 22, 2021

A man received a text message and video from his co-worker about a litter of kittens balled up in one of the almond orchards they maintain. The man quickly came to help the kittens. Knowing that they were hungry, he brought some food and water to feed them.

Screenshot: Arc Sparks

The little babies were found in such a horrific condition. They were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. One of the kittens was in a bad shape. There was something wrong with its right eye. Seeing how bad their condition was, the man decided to take the litter in.

Screenshot: Arc Sparks

After feeding them, he took them to a local veterinary center for a check up. The vets said that they were in good health other than suffering from malnutrition. But after a couple of weeks later, they discovered they were infected with ringworm and needed to get medical treatment.

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Thanks to the love and care of the vets and the kind-hearted man, the kittens are now healthy and happy. They are familiar with their new how and get along well with other rescued kittens. They are very playful and mischievous.

Screenshot: Arc Sparks

The man named the kittens, Chappie, Marble, and Patches. We are so happy for those kitties and they look really good. They are now living happily with their owners and their friends in their loving house.

Watch the full rescue here:


Thank you for helping these sweet kittens!!! You and your family are awesome human beings!!!

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