26 Heartbreaking Photos Of Overworked Doctors Are Going Viral As They Push Their Limits To The Max

In the world’s ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, no one is risking their lives more than the healthcare workers. While most corporate employees can now enjoy the privilege of working from home, that’s simply not the case for them. They continue to be out there, sacrificing their own lives to save others. Over the past few weeks, photos of overworked doctors, nurses, and other medical workers have gone viral online. These prove the sad reality that’s happening for several months now, in most hospitals around the world.

It’s been over three months now since the announcement of the first-ever confirmed COVID-19 case. However, the number continues to drastically increase each day, with over 500,000 confirmed cases to date. While the death toll has reached over 20,000, the number of recovered cases remains to be significantly higher at over 120,000.

Photos of overworked doctors, nurses, and medical workers have recently gone viral online

“This is a sprint and marathon in one – it’s a very intense strain, but at the same time it takes a long time and the end is not yet in sight.

Pavla Kovarikova Selfie after Hospital Shift

“After 13 hours in ICU after taking off all my protective devices, I took a selfie.”

Nicola Sgarbi Overworked Doctor Selfie after 13 Hours in ICU

“This is reality.”

Martina Benedetti Selfie after Hospital Shift

“This is an anesthesiologist, Dr. John Henao, who is running out of PPE (personal protective equipment) at his hospital.”

John Henao Overworked Doctor Selfie with Improvised PPE

“Just finished a 12 hour shift swabbing symptomatic covid19 patients are our drive thru testing site in Cleveland. We collectively swabbed 629.”

Bfab917 Overworked Doctor Selfie after 12-hour Shift

“My battle scars”

Benjamin Ong Overworked Doctor Selfie

Even so, this doesn’t change the fact that the pandemic has been overwhelming both global and domestic healthcare systems. Health facilities have started operating way beyond their standard capacities. Even hospitals have been experiencing a shortage of supplies and equipment these days. This has left medical workers with no option but to improvise even their own personal protective equipment (PPE).

“I’ve been a critical care nurse for 13 years, and I’ve never seen anything like what is happening now in our healthcare system.”

“As most of the world is isolating, shutting down, and running as far away from the virus, this guy will be running into it.”

With insufficient protective gear, medical workers have become susceptible to contracting the virus more than ever. Sadly, some hospitals are already suffering from limited manpower as some members begin to fall ill too. So, those who remain in the field have no choice but to work longer shifts and risk their lives even more.

“Here’s a massive thank you to the ICU nurses, intensivists, and RTs who are wearing this PPE for an upwards of 30-40 minutes, if not longer…”

In addition to urging the public to stay home, some took to social media to share their after-shift selfies. And most, if not all, of these images show their severely bruised faces and extremely tired eyes. Coupled with heartbreaking stories, their posts prove that the pandemic is very much real. It’s not something that we should take very lightly.

“Dr. Joy Vink is on the frontline of NYC’s battle with COVID-19, but without access to proper personal protective gear, she’s has no choice but to ‘get creative.’”

“This was me last night on shift as a critical nurse when I went on my lunch hour after wearing a mask and all the gear…”

“Here’s mine from yesterday after only 4 hours”

“I was honestly wondering if everyone’s face was bright red after taking off their mask.”

So, let’s take all necessary precautionary measures—staying home, social distancing, frequent handwashing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle—to heart. That’s the least we could do to help our modern-day heroes.