Entertaining Powderpuff Routine Earns Boys 3.1M Views

Everybody are very excited to witness the halftime shows during basketball games. Amazing women in cheer dancing outfits are eager to entertain, delight and excited crowds shows while the athletes rest. Their energy and eagerness and catchy fires up excitement of the game everyone came to watch.

It’s the perfect time, get ready for a lot of laughter!

But this performance is going to be something unique everyone must watch out for!

Yes, cheerleaders are vibrant and full of energy along with their bubbly outfits. body movements and actions that are lively every audience would like to imitate. it’s not the common cheerleader we get used to see. So much fun for everyone.

A group of guys from Carroll Senior High School decided to throw their names in the hat and deliver a halftime show worth remembering.

lively routines ..Everyone are excited to follow!

All fun and creative spiels and the happy crowds from Southlake, Texas. All of this happened during a student versus staff basketball game and pretty sure no one was expecting it. They must have put a lot of time into their routine, and it was worth every single second for all the applause they got!

See an act of routine by a famous artist!

A cheerleader appears in the middle court showing a Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and his fellow dancers begin to show off themselves like a living dead towards the center as they gather and assemble in formation.

You can hear the crowd screaming in anticipation and excitement. The basketball team sitting behind enthusiastic to imitate the act. Thriller dance steps, like a living zombie but following excitedly on the rhythm of the music.

This is how you keep the crowd on tune!

The tempo changes with a Lady Gaga tune breaking the atmosphere. The skirted men proceed to fan out, clapping their hands to the melody and proceeding to dazzle the crowd with a dance worthy of a Gaga music video.

Now if the female dance team was watching they must have felt the pressure as they now have to live up to the standards these fine gentlemen have set. And how do you connect Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift? By being men of course!

Call them Powderpuff. No really.

From modern pop dance to country, the dance shifts from a serious upbeat step to a hilarious high energy one fit for a comedy skit. The staff definitely look stunned. They know how to play the crowd. Injecting the infamous line of Kanye interrupting Taylor during her award speech brought the gymnasium to hysterics. They lost it!

And if you’ve never seen men dance to Beyonce’s “Single ladies” then you’re in for a surprise.

Somebody call Ellen for these guys.

With a mixture of ballet, interpretative dance, and a bit of comedy, this hilarious performance featured one surprise to the next. Even the dancers can be seen smiling and just having a good time.

Even the audience began to sing along amidst the cheers and screams. Hand it to them though. In spite of the obvious comedy, these guys can move! And they left nothing behind giving it their all for the sake of entertainment.

After all, memories made in school tend to last forever. When they graduate and go on with their own lives, they will eventually look back and reminisce the good times and the good old days.

For the Powderpuff Cheerleaders of Carroll Senior High School, this is one moment that they will cherish forever.